Happy Birthday Fioni 😘


A squeaky, excited
“She’s from Dubai”
My first memory of you.
A girl with glasses and a
Crooked cute tooth. 😘
A friendly face which
I judged and labelled
As “paaap” (the way you say it 😝)
Too soon.
The story of a kiss,
Begins our journey. πŸ˜‚
A kiss that tore them apart
But bought us closer!!!
Endless dramas,
threatening our sanity,
made us best friends.
People called us
“The Three Muskeeteers”
Family away from Family.
Attached,hip to hip.
The therapist,
Coping with my
Nonsensical life ✌.
The breaker of phones πŸ˜‚
The child of Jesus.
The one who loses sleep
As I snore away 😝.
The strong independent woman
who likes to cuddle 😁.
The secrets that I try
wrapping my head around.
My personal Mangie Aunty 😘
With a dose of jealousy and
A longggg list of admirers ;).
My baby. Chubby baby. (Those cheeks 😁)
One among my Chunnu Munnus.
My beautiful, beautiful Fioni. 😘
I love you more than you love food…


Infinite happiness.
Those special smiles.
Butterflies in my stomach
Maybe, even a zoo.
Everything no more
Silence for days,
And those petty fights.
Misunderstandings and anger.
Patch ups and smiles.
Umpteen goodbyes
Everything no more.
God laughs at my forever,
I join him with tears.Β 
Memories are all that is left.Β 
Memories of a beautiful mistake.
Goodbye my love.
Once again Goodbye.


Explore my depths
Take me in
and keep me there.
Touch my soul,
Maybe more.
The hesitation
and the later rush,
intoxicates me.
A minute to breath,
A minute to think.
The symphony we create ,
Flawless. Bodies meet
So do souls.
But not the hearts,
never the hearts.


Droplets of water
On the window sill.
Droplets of water
Spilling out of my soul.
The rain whispers a goodbye.
Your memories too.
A far away sound of thunder
A far away idea of ours.
A dream too good to happen
A reality so beautiful within our touch.
The lust to immerse myself in you
The way rain drops seep into the soil.
My petty desire. For our skins to touch
For our souls to meet.
A desire too good to happen.


My family
My beloved artists
Painting my portrait.
A picture
I don’t agree with.
A picture
I ponder upon
The colours blend so well
The ideas,conflicting.
To the tinted eye,
To the naked,only flaws.
Under a roof,
In my heart. They stay
Unable to understand
The fight within.
Maybe blinded by love
Or the norms.
They let me free,
With chains on me.
The key in my hand.
Key to disappointment, for them
The portrait remains.
Framed. Beautiful. Frost.


Words in my mouth,
Spotlight on.
Chains on the way
Fear in my soul
Shivers through my spine
Stutters in my speech 
Tears down my face
Terror in my head
This is what remains
I smile. I smile.  I smile.
Smile till it leaves.