Happy Birthday Fioni 😘


A squeaky, excited
“She’s from Dubai”
My first memory of you.
A girl with glasses and a
Crooked cute tooth. 😘
A friendly face which
I judged and labelled
As “paaap” (the way you say it 😝)
Too soon.
The story of a kiss,
Begins our journey. 😂
A kiss that tore them apart
But bought us closer!!!
Endless dramas,
threatening our sanity,
made us best friends.
People called us
“The Three Muskeeteers”
Family away from Family.
Attached,hip to hip.
The therapist,
Coping with my
Nonsensical life ✌.
The breaker of phones 😂
The child of Jesus.
The one who loses sleep
As I snore away 😝.
The strong independent woman
who likes to cuddle 😁.
The secrets that I try
wrapping my head around.
My personal Mangie Aunty 😘
With a dose of jealousy and
A longggg list of admirers ;).
My baby. Chubby baby. (Those cheeks 😁)
One among my Chunnu Munnus.
My beautiful, beautiful Fioni. 😘
I love you more than you love food…