Infinite happiness.
Those special smiles.
Butterflies in my stomach
Maybe, even a zoo.
Everything no more
Silence for days,
And those petty fights.
Misunderstandings and anger.
Patch ups and smiles.
Umpteen goodbyes
Everything no more.
God laughs at my forever,
I join him with tears. 
Memories are all that is left. 
Memories of a beautiful mistake.
Goodbye my love.
Once again Goodbye.


Explore my depths
Take me in
and keep me there.
Touch my soul,
Maybe more.
The hesitation
and the later rush,
intoxicates me.
A minute to breath,
A minute to think.
The symphony we create ,
Flawless. Bodies meet
So do souls.
But not the hearts,
never the hearts.