My family
My beloved artists
Painting my portrait.
A picture
I don’t agree with.
A picture
I ponder upon
The colours blend so well
The ideas,conflicting.
To the tinted eye,
To the naked,only flaws.
Under a roof,
In my heart. They stay
Unable to understand
The fight within.
Maybe blinded by love
Or the norms.
They let me free,
With chains on me.
The key in my hand.
Key to disappointment, for them
The portrait remains.
Framed. Beautiful. Frost.



Words in my mouth,
Spotlight on.
Chains on the way
Fear in my soul
Shivers through my spine
Stutters in my speech 
Tears down my face
Terror in my head
This is what remains
I smile. I smile.  I smile.
Smile till it leaves.


Who is she?
Drops of happiness
A hailstorm in disguise.
Perfections or Flaws
Lessons or Mistakes.
The person carved
The person raw.
The naive smiles
or the stolen kisses?
Tear her apart,
Take a peep
what do you see?
A perfect mess or
A destruction
waiting to happen..

My dear friend


In the night
Darkness fills the sky
All around.Everywhere.
It flirts with my heart
That part of my heart
which soaks it up
which craves a companion.
The night grows older
The pain deeper
Seductively, it kisses me
and sucks the blood
right out of
My botched-up heart.

The sun rises
Light comes and takes
My dear friend away.
Leaving me with
Until the next night