Little Girl in Me :)


Emotions playing with my reasoning
A part of me know its ridiculous.
But the little girl in me
refuses to accept
Oh Oh Oh…
Dreaming of the impossible!
I smell trouble.
I continue to dream,
they make me happy,
like nothing ever did.
This is not
what or who I am.
I’m practical and sensible
Or so i thought…… *meh*
But nuh-uh….
Who am I fooling?
I’m a silly lil girl
Having those
Stupid lil crushes.. *blushes*
and that tooo….
On the very wrong person!!
Shades of pink,
all over my face.
Trembling lips,
no eye contact
and if I were to be more filmy
the “Dhak- Dhak” in my heart.. ^_^
But deeeeeep down, I know
*filmy,nostalgic face*
This is a biiiiiiig hugeeee
and a dream it will remain….


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